Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The BlackBerry

Guess what! I just got my BlackBerry! Yeay me! LMAO
Okay.. My dad bought me a BlackBerry Curve 8520. I know, the cheapest BB. But I don't care, as long as it's a BB. LOL. It all happened last week (i forgot the date), my dad came home from his office and gave me the BB. Well, that is so far I can get. I have no idea where he bought it or what so ever. In the first few days, I couldn't get my hands off it as it is so addicting. Nowadays I update my facebook status just by using my BB. It's quite confusing when using the BB. Deffinately not like an ordinary phone. (too many buttons to press!) LMAO.

so, here are some pictures I took..

Me with my new BB! LMAO


  1. haha . awk , boleh la tu . sy pkai fon ta ad kaler pun ;p

  2. eh, yeker xder kaler?.. masalah nie.. HAHAHA!

  3. murah je.. xyah nk tekejot sngt.. HAHA