Saturday, March 10, 2012

Malam Emas

Hey guys! the internet is killing me here. hahaha
So, I had an awesome night a week ago(3rd March). My friends and I went to Hotel Istana for our Asasi Anual Dinner. It was grand though. My first time attending a grand dinner wearing clothes like a gentlemen. LOL. Our table (no.73) won the best table I think it's because we were well behaved, smartly dressed and the craziest table. We shouted like YEAAAHHHHH when they called on the "Alam Bina" students. I had a fun time. Looking forward for more dinner like this, maybe even better. Oh, here's a quick video i made throughout the night, please check it out. And some photos down there like always. :D

Thanks guys for the Awesome Night! :D

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